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Visit Steveo's the detail will blow you away! 1/6 horses and tack >>
METAL AND LEATHER 1:6 scale Western Gear for 12 inch action figures! Much more!


Japanese Commercials featuring our biggest stars >>
A neat site full of commercials from Keifer, Cage, Beckham, Gere and more!

Joey Kuntz - 1/6 scale custom figures!
An excellent customizer based in Regina, Canada. One of the best! Does some great 1/6 scale builds. To contact write exhaleoptical@sasktel.net with header "1/6 build up" in the subject. Check out:

Omega Man   >> Jean Reno   >> Transporter   >> Keifer 24   >>

WONDERPOINT - 1/6 scale custom figures!
An excellent customizer based in Hong Kong. One of the best! Does all the big action stars with custom head sculpts. You can catch his works for auction on Ebay. Check out his site. here  >>

KOJUN - 1/6 scale custom figures!
A premier customizer based in Seoul, Korea. He is a master with figures selling in the $500.00US mark on Ebay. Check out his site. here  >>

OUTLAWS - 1/6 scale custom figures!
An 'action hero' customizer based in Japan. Big fan of the old tough guy actors of the 70s. Bronson, Eastwood, Coburn, Marvin...the list goes on here  >>

Anthropomorphichome - 1/6 custom figures!
This site is custom 1/6 figure dedicated to the art of 1:6 scale figures. Superman, Doc Savage, Robin...the list goes on. The best Michael York, 'Logan's Run' custom on the planet! All figures are custom made by Steven S. and Andrea Ledford. here  >>

Ebay Auctions  >>
Check it out!

Robert Duvall - Lt. Colonel Kilgore 1/6 custom figure!
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning--it smells like... victory!"'.. here  >>

Steve McQueen - Lt. Frank Bullitt 1/6 custom figure!
Always remembered by film buffs as the forerunner of the modern cop thriller. If there is any one of his many movie roles that best exemplifies the McQueen persona, this is it! here  >>

Kevin Costner- Tin Cup 1/6 custom figure!
What do you have when a failed pro golfer who is living in a Winnebago at a crummy driving range he owns in the West Texas, competes in the U.S. open to win the affections and respect of his arch rival's girlfriend? You have a new figure from, 'Tin Cup'.. here  >>

Steve McQueen - Sand Pebbles 1/6 custom figure!

GETTING REWORKED!!! Will re-post soon!
Engineer Jake Holman arrives aboard the gunboat U.S.S. San Pablo, assigned to patrol a tributary of the Yangtze in the middle of exploited and revolution-torn 1926 China! This is a custom 12" 1:6 scale action figure of Steve McQueen from the 1966 movie, The Sand Pebbles!

Sly Stallone- Cobra 1/6 custom figure!
This movie is actually better than you think...Bridgette Neilson withstanding...here's a new custom of Sylvester Stallone. here  >>

Thomas Jane - Punisher 1/6 custom figure!
I really liked the movie and have had quite a few emails from collectors looking for a version of this guy...here's a new custom of Thomas Jane. here  >>

Tom Hanks- Forrest Gump 1/6 custom figure!
New custom of Hanks. I had to create a park bench for him as well. It was pretty fun just digging up and creating all his stuff. here  >>

I put together a couple of these for my 007 Bond customs and decided to make a few extra laptop computers for fellow collectors. They are cast, painted and hand assembled...(so they may not be perfect)...but are very nice! Just write me and make an offer if you'd like one.

I have included a selection of screens that I liked. Click on the # you'd like to see below for a closer look! 
Open laptop
Closed view front and back
Screen shots

Toys Mccoy Indiana Jones >>

I am a huge Toys McCoy figure fan, so here's some pages of information and pix!
Toys Mccoy Store Page >>
Toys Mccoy Figures Page >>

Toys McCoy Indiana Jones Photo Serials!

Series 1 

Series 2 

The Cornfield>>
The new mustang ad featuring none other than Steve McQueen! See my McQueen page here  >>

Marilyn Monroe - Christie's Auction October 1999
Pix from her estate sale and some great photo slideshows.  here  >>

The Red Ranch >>
My little homage to the westerns of old in 9" scale! I've reposted it for new visitors to see!

How'd I dodat >>
A few how-to tidbits, painting info and downloads

Is there life on Red Moon?  >>
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