Toys McCoy/O.K. Gangu
American cult figure manufacturer Toys McCoy's Japan showroom boasts an impressive life-size Steve McQueen (The Great Escape incarnation) greeting customers outside the door. Inside is a veritable army of miniature soldiers bristling with assorted weaponry that defies description. 

The pleasant staff will guide you around the impressive collection of Steve McQueen figures and other Action Man-scale miniature musclemen, including Nazi soldiers, US Navy SEALs, Marines and Army Rangers complete with uniform changes, assorted rifles and other means of destruction. Mean-looking cowboy figures are on display alongside equally fierce-looking replica firearms. If none of the above takes your fancy, have a look at the inevitable assortment of the latest Star Wars figures lining the walls. McCoy also manufacters helmets and other motorcycle gear.

Open Tues-Sun 1-8pm. 1F Nagano Bldg, 3-21-2 Shibuya Higashi, Shibuya-ku. Tel: 03-5766-1703. Nearest stn: Ebisu. 

These figures above were special order (figure on left is Chuck Yeager figure) and distributed to Real McCoy clothing outlets and stores carrying the label.

The O.K. Gangu figure above (who looks like Randy Quaid to me) can be bought seperately with a pair of shorts on. Comes in 4 different hair colors brown, black, blond and the above red. Selling for about $40.00 USD. Look closely and you can see this figure has special issue O.K. Gangu hands on figure.

This bust was given to high-end customers and distributors as a gift. Some were sold in stores. Looks like Kevin Costner. Selling for about $50.00 USD

Another version of this figure, called 'Bright Side of the Road', I think. 

A version of this figure shown in pictures above was sold at the Tokyo Toy Show 2001.

Versions of the figures shown above were sold at the Tokyo Toy Show 2001.

Another picture of the Chuck Yeager figure. Nicely detailed and comes with a second set of hands and helmet. Selling for about $175.00 USD.

We have to remember that Toys McCoy is really a division of 'The Real McCoy Company', a manufacturer of clothing. High quality jackets, pants, etc. They also produce motorcycle helmets and related clothing. Textiles and plastics manufacturing must have been the nucleus that lead to the action figure procuction.

The clothing examples that can be purchased individually. In this case, items that would have come with a Dead or Alive McQueen figure. The jackets are $100.00 USD to give you an idea of pricing.

Tadanobu Asano is one of Japan's famous actors. He is popular to a very wide market. 
His wife, Chara is a popular singer in Japan. Very collectible in Japan. I recently saw this figure on Japan Yahoo! for 100,000 Yen as an opening bid. This is about $800.00 USD.

The new Gi Jane B-15 Marilyn Monroe figure 2002. Selling for $250.00 USD, comes with a unique mosquito patch common to the airforce unit she was visiting.