Sly Stallone - Cliffhanger

Although he landed a role in Woody Allen's Bananas in 1971, he was rejected for The Godfather. Not allowing himself to be discouraged rejection after rejection (mostly due to his facial features and voice), Stallone began to write many of his own scripts, which ultimately led to the legendary classic, Rocky.

His first screenplay to be produced was the 1974 film The Lords of Flatbush, in which Stallone also had a part. Of course, it did not do for Stallone what his next screenplay would. Inspired by a fight between Muhammed Ali and Chuck Wepner, Rocky was finally produced on a meager budget, with Stallone as star after he insisted that he play the underdog lead. The story that took him three days to write became an instant hit, won the Best Picture Oscar and made Stallone an Oscar nominated writer and actor.

Rocky went on to become a 5-part series, and Stallone penned another hit screenplay which became the 1985 film Rambo. Famous for his roles as action heroes Rocky and Rambo, Stallone decided to turn to comedy in the early 90's. Discovering after the fact that he was not cut out for comedy Stallone was back in full form in hits like Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, The Specialist, Judge Dredd, and Assassins.

Some facts about Sly Stallone:

  • Although he is now a $20 million per film actor, Stallone accepted a meager $60,000 to star in Cop Land. Landed parts in off-Broadway shows, such as the all-nude Score and two soft-porn films, Party at Kitty's and Studs.  With lousy grades and not much direction, Stallone headed for none other than beauty school.
  • As a teenager he ended up studying at a private school for troubled youths like himself, after having been kicked out of more than 10 schools because of behavioral problems.