Keanu Reeves The Matrix

A sci-fi masterpiece with Keeanu Reeves as a messianic freedom fighter who battles to free the minds of a civilization that literally exists in a state of programmed virtual reality. A brilliant feat of cinematic alchemy by combining a visual and technological feast with an incredibly entertaining story packed with biblical and literary references, Eastern mysticism, the thrill of an action packed John Woo film, and ideas from some of the most imaginative futuristic movies ever made.

"The Matrix" opens with an amphetamine driven martial arts fight between the cops and a mysterious leather clad rail thin woman who is then chased across the rooftops by some government agents amidst a blaze of firepower. She stops at one jangling telephone after another before disappearing into thin air. The movie shifts to a Kafka-like scene out of The Trial. Programmer, Tom "Neo" Anderson, is nailed by ëthe agentsí for hacking into their wired world. Heís rescued, plugged in, reborn, re-educated, and let loose in an alternate world where the inhabitants expect some kind of Messiah.

Is Tom "Neo" Anderson THE ONE?

Thereís a John-the-Baptist inspired character called the Oracle who tells people what they ëneed to know,í and a crew of disciples with its own Judas out to free the minds and souls from the Matrix. Their rebel leader, Morpheus, describes it as "a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."

"The Matrix" is a pop sci-fi masterpiece that uses its eye-popping images and mind boggling special effects to grab your attention while relying on the humanity of its characters to hold it. Keeanu Reeves transforms Neo from a clueless hacker to a savvy survivor. Laurence Fishburneís Morpheus waxes philosophical about his part in the rebellion, while combating the forces of evil with Messianic zeal. Joe Pantoliano, the Wachowskysí leading man in "Bound," never fails to deliver as Cypher, Morpheusí sidekick. Hugo Weaving, from "Priscilla - Queen of the Desert," is chilling as the sadistic, not-quite human, Agent Smith, who will do anything to destroy the rebels. The role of Trinity could make Carrie-Anne Morse an action star. She gives her the elusive quality of a cat burglar, moving with the grace of a cheetah and the speed of an electrode. And she can kick butt with the best of them!

"The Matrix" is an organic piece of movie magic that never sacrifices the story for the hardware.