Interesting 1/6 action figures I've owned at one time or another...

f One of my favorite companies.

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The Toys McCoy 'Wanted Dead or Alive', Josh Randall with his sawed off rifle. Randall wears his rifle as a side arm. Notice the real brass bullets in the gun belt. The body for the Josh figure is 30th Anniversary Hasbro Joe. The head and hands are custom made by Toys McCoy. Photos of the horse,  white suede jacket  and shipping box offered as well. 

c Toys McCoy Great Escape 1234567891011
The Toys McCoy 1996 'Great Escape', Virgil Hilts figure. The first collectible figure from Toys McCoy. I had one a few years back and missed him so much, I had to track down another. My Japanese friend, Shinichiro Ashida HIS WEB PAGE was kind enough to purchase this extremely rare item at auction for me in Japan. Cost was $350.00 USF or $500.00 CDN. Included with purchase was the rawhide A-1 jacket, as well as, the Real McCoy shopping bag and a magazine ad for the figure. For additional photos of the Great Escape figure go here.

d OK GANGU Steven McCoy 1954 Alaska 1234
The OK Gangu 2002 '1954 Alaska Steven McCoy', figure. A limited edition of 300 figures collectible figure from Toys McCoy's company OK Gangu. He is a Kevin Costner sculpt in my opinion. My Japanese friend, Shinichiro Ashida HIS WEB PAGE was kind enough to purchase this extremely rare item at auction for me in Japan. Cost was $140.00 CDN. 

b THE WILD ONE!. New OK Gangu figure! 1234
Call me crazy...but this is the new figure from OK Gangu with a distribution of 50 in it's limited release is nice. See it at the Toys McCoy site.

Marlon Brando from the 1950s movie for sure!

Toys McCoy / OK Gangu Pilot

I've Last year's Toys McCoy produced ChuckYeager. Comes witha cool MA-1 jacket with detailed insignia and an additional set of gloved hands! Looks like Randy Quaid to me! 

aBEASTIE BOYS. Toys McCoy! 1234
Super rare Beastie Boys action figure set from Bathing Ape and Toys McCoy!Ý These were very limited; I've heard reports that there were only 200 sets made!

e LEGENDS COLLECTION!. Steve Mcqueen figure!12345
This is the latest 12-inch posable figures by "Toys McCoy" creators in Japan. Produced in a super low run of 1,000 pieces and excellent with sculpt. Comes with a new body and ultra-detailed jeans, hat, belt and boots. Super detailed and true to the movie , 'Junior Bonner'!  Ceck out my friend, Shinchiro Ashida's site for more pix! Click here

More 1/6 Favorites...

Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands Medicom!
Medicom brings this qirky film star to life in 12 inch form. From the movie with the same name, Edward Scissorhands has 30 points of articulation, real rooted hair, and a excellently detailed outfit. This is a beautiful 12 inch figure!

Norika Fuji! China Strike Force! 12345678910
Special Issue Dragon. Produced in 2001 after the movie, China Strike Force! HONG KONG IMPORT! 12 inch 1/6 fully poseable figure of Norika Fuji and limited to only 5000 pcs. After my trip to S.E. Asia I had to have her back in my collection. Comes with two sets of clothes true to the movie and includes the, Neo-Eve body. Look for a male character, Darren, as well. Hot!

  Christopher Walken!. The King of NYC! 12345
The streets are no longer safe since the introduction of this new 12 inch doll. The King of New York City is fully posable, comes equipped with a handgun, and strolls the city in his dark black suit, ready to take care of business. This figure is very limited in quantity. Created by NYC.

Judge Dredd!. Real Action Series! 12345
This item is a 1/6 scale fully posable action figure manufactured by Medicom. From the movie "Judge Dredd" played by Sylvester Stallone. Comes with real fabric clothing, removable helmet, weapon and other accessories.

  Brad Pitt!. Custom David Mills! 123456Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) - This 12" Action Figure is produced by Hero Club from Hong Kong, as a favor of Brad Pitt's fans in the world. This figure has produced in exceptional high quality and they are sold out already in Hong Kong.

ROBOCOP 123456
The very rare, produced in 1995 Deluxe FX ROBOCOP COP from Toy Island. He is 15" tall, generates 3 Robocop sound effect with a press of a button and comes fully detailed and articulated, with a realistic head sculpt of Peter Weller. 10 removable pieces of chromed armor and 3 opening compartment, including his leg holster for his trusty modified M93R machine pistol.

  CHOW YUN FAT!. I mean 'Cy Fat' figure! 1234
This is the latest 12-inch posable figures by "Hero Production" creators. Super detailed! 

HERE'S JOHNNY!.Jack from The Shining 1234
This is the official 12-inch Jack Nicholson (as Jack Torrance) poseable figure, from the movie THE SHINING. Made by one Japan custom toy company. The Shining is a 80's classic horror film. This is the first time which the character, Jack Nicholson, becomes a 12-inch poseable figure. The production company carried a "one day license" for a toy exhibition, and sold in Japan only. Because these are sold as "one-day license" products, these figures are produced in very small quantitys. Only 100 pcs.

Marx Circle X Ranch!. Johnny West 123456789
This is the wonderful Circle X Ranch produced in the mid-1960s. When I was 6, my folks got me one of these...along with entire line of Marx figures and horses. My mother ended up throwing them out before ebay became popular! Oh well, you can find another one there! I loved it then and I love it now!

David Becham!. New Hong Kong figure! 12345678
This is the must collection for your 12" Sport Figure Collection. This figure is produced by Crazy Hong Kong Fans Club, and you will find a Real Madrid Jersey, Adidas Predators, Tattoo on both lower arms, latest hair style, diamond ear rings, and more!! This figure has very good sculpt and this is the first time to see Becham in such a cool 12" shape! And this Beckham is strictly limited production. Not sure on numbers!

Medicom Bond!. Pierce Brosnon figure! 12345
This is the latest 12-inch posable figures by "Medicom" creators. Produced in 1997 and excellent sculpt. Better than Side show version of same. Used to sell for $100.00, you can find for less if you look around. Super detailed! 

Hottoys MI2!. Tom Cruise figure! 123456
This is the latest 12-inch posable figures by "Hottoys" creators. So he's a couple of years old...I wanted him for my collection, he's cool!