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You can see a custom 12" 1/6 scale action figure below. Resin cast and airbrushed fit to a Gi Joe, Ultimate Soldier, Blue Box or Dragon figure body.

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From time to time I see a figure that really captures my attention.

Fantastic 1/6 Customizers!

  Pointman's Haunted Tank Series!
In case you've never seen it. This series is most likely the very best 1/6 WWII comic series ever produced. Check them out one by one!!! Well worth the wait to load. On the 21st Century Greenleader photo site. See my links section for other photo series by Pointman.

Part 1  Part 2Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6Part 7 Part 8Part 9 Part 10Part 11Part 12 Part13Part 14 Part 15Part`16Part 17 Part 18

  New Dan Chung custom Indiana!
We know him and love him. Absolutely one of the best! Not one to rest on his laurels, Dan has produced a new stunning sculpt as he perfects a 1/6 Indiana Jones. 

The saga continues. See more his >>site right here

alex rojas Mexican Customizer ALEX ROJAS.

See his new work!
Indy 1  Indy 2  Back to the Future  Leon - Professional 

BatmanHannibal FirstBlood Matrix - Neo

Some custom figures from a great customizer and he's a rare breed in these parts! Well known as an expert in customization. You can reach him at

  Custom Steve McQueen 12" figures from Japan!
This is a 12-inch posable figures being sold on the japanese market. Sent to me from a friend in Japan, the finished figures are selling in the $400.00 range. The quality is very good and only a few were made. Based on the movies 'The War Lover 'and 'The Great Escape'.  The same group put together a limited release of  Deniro from 'Taxi driver' as well. 

  Custom James Dean 12" figure by Eric So!
This is an official James Dean 12-inch posable figure by Eric So, and it has limited 200 pcs produced only!! Eric So is one of the best HK figure artists!! Due to to the licence limitation, this James Dean figure is special made for Hong kong market only. It is manufactured by Hot Toys, so the quality is very good. The accessories include a bongo drum (not shown), a suit, a long black coat, one pair glasses, a camera. All of them are based on the real James Dean history! 

  Custom Tom Cruise 'Last Samurai'
The latest 12-inch posable figure of by the Hong Kong Toys Figure Group, it is the most finest samurai figure I have ever seen. Item is produced for 100 pieces only! Item is based on the Tom Cruise movie, 'The Last Samurai'. Made by a Hong kong figure toy manufacturer, directed by JOEL from Hero Production and Ah Yee from Dajoint (ZMDC). The first detailed SAMURAI 12-inch psoabel figure, all the accessories are 100% based on the real one. Armour is hand printed  and can be removed. Two piece swords are all die-cast. The cotton clothing he is wearing is extremely detailed. 100 pieces. 123456

  Star Wars customs from Patrick Luu!
Wonderful 1/6 scale Star Wars figures from the new series. Patrick Luu has taken SW 12" customizing to a science! He warrents his own page he's produced so many figures! Check them out! Mr. Luu auctions the odd figure off on ebay, and the bidding is hot with figures going in the $250.00 range. email:

  Custom Humphrey Bogart 12" figure 'Sahara'!
This is a custom Sgt. Joe Gunn as portrayed by Humphrey Bogart from the motion picture "Sahara". Custom resin headsculpt, uniform pieces are all Dragon or bbi parts that have been customised and weathered. Uniform includes "wool" shirt and trousers, first version HBT coveralls, boots with mounted style leggings, armored forces helmet and polaroid goggles, pistol belt, pistol and holster, canteen and cover, clip pouch and F/A kit. The rank insignia are made by CVI. Base figure is a Dragon Neo.

Scott Carter of Redline Studio's, the artist who painted the figure and Eric Nickles as the sculptor.  1 2 3 4

Custom McQueen 12" Any Given Sunday!
This is a 12-inch posable figure based on the documentary and featuring a Toys McCoy recast. An excellent custom and paint job in all respects by this excellent Japanese customizer, Jemba.
He can be reached at

See his 1/6 website - Click right here

Customizer Joe Jocobs from the Windy City.
Some custom figures from an excellent customizer and all round super talented guy...Mr. Joe Jacobs! 

You can reach him at

Check them out! 
Lestat 1 2 3 4T.J. Hooker 1 2 3Jack - The Shining 1 2 3

Sly - Rambo 1 2 3 DeNiro/Kilmer - Heat 1 2 3 4


Michael Keaton - Beetlejuice custom!123456
"I'm the ghost with the most babe." This is a custom made 12" fully poseable doll of Michael Keaton as he appeared playing the bio-exorcist Beetlejuice in the Tim Burton film of the same name. The head has a great likeness to Keaton, it is resin cast, hand painted and attached to an extremely poseable 1/6th scale dragon models style body. The jacket and pants are handmade to match the black and white striped suit seen in the movie. Doll also comes with white shirt, black tie, black boots, 2 watches, and a cigarette. The dolls stands on a custom made base with a Beetlejuice tombstone, "grass" and a 1/6th scale rubber snake. 

George Clooney - Three Kings custom!1234
This is a custom made 12" doll of George Clooney as Archie Gates from the movie The Three Kings. The head is a resin recast , is hand painted, and attached to a very poseable 1\6 th scale dragon body. The likeness to the character is great! The doll includes chocolate chip desert camo jacket and pants, t-shirt, dusty boots, harness and belt with butt pack, canteens, ammo pouches, knife, pistol with holster, sunglasses and an assault rifle. Doll also has bandage wrap around his left forearm. 

M. Lacour customs!  12345
This is are custom made 12" dolls of John Wayne. M. Lacour has created these excellent 12 inch figures true to the movies of this idol and legend.

Schwarzeneger and Hamilton!
Terminator 2 customs! 12345678

Customizer and talented seamstress, M. Lacour has created this excellent 12 inch figure made to resemble the character T-800 the TERMINATOR. The resin head sculpt was made by Lonnie at Frontline. The quality of his casts are superior and bubble free. The head was painted with several coats of oil paints and then sealed to protect the paint. The custom painted head is mounted onto a fully articulated BBI body (I chose this figure because of it's beefy size and extra tall height). ALSO made was this 1:6 scaled figure (maybe a tad shorter) made to resemble the character Sarah Conner played by Linda Hamilton in the movie, TERMINATOR 2. The head sculpt was completely customized (repainted/sealed and hair added). Any fan of James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzeneger, or the Terminator movies would love these figures.

Click to see M. Lacour's site 

  Custom figures!
Ron Hembling, Australian customizer! He's been making custom figures now for the last 2 yrs . Started doing it for other people so they could have a figure that no one else had and then started doing it for himself. The pics of the figures are (Fox Mulder , Col O'Neil movie stargate , Han Solo and Allan Qaurtermain) He's into both movie/tv and military customs. Here's his website >

Fox Moulder - X-Files custom!123
Kurt Russell - Stargate custom!123

Harrison Ford - Hans Solo custom! 123

Sean Connery - Allan Quartermain custom!123

  John M. Richer customs!
Beautifully detailed and expertly painted customs and sculpts. I would venture a guess that John is possibly one of the finest painters out there. He has a great site! here are a couple of examples: (click the numbers to see pix)

Keifer Sutherland from 24 
CIA Operative
4th Infantry Division MP Figure

Click to see John's site Boot25

Excellent sculpter!. Antony Baker! 1234567
An excellent sculpter from Australia! Gibson, Ford, Portman, Jovavich! 

Click the numbers to see his great work!

He has sent us an update on his Mad Max custom. Click right >>here!

DC Comics customizer!. Monkeyheads! 1
Easily the best 12" 1/6 scale super heroes I have ever seen. Monkeyheads sells on ebay and his email addy is Click the number 1 to see his great work!

Have we seen enough custom Indy figures yet? The answer is a resounding no! 

A beloved adventure figure and hero for all ages. Here are literally some of the 

world's best 1/6 customizers who have graciously agreed to let us show their 

creations of Indiana Jones! 

Customdawg - 123
Dan Chung - 123

Preview of Dan's new Indy.
jedifyfe - 123

Alex Rojas - 123

Darryl Williams - 11/6 grail diary2

and yours truly (I'm not worthy!) - 1234

more to come...

Japanese custom figures!
Johnny Depp - Once Upon a Time in Mexico custom! 123

Sent in by an unknown japanese customizer.

Angelina Jolie! Lara Croft custom! 1234
This beautiful figure was a combonation effort of Japanese figure collectors/customizers Gamisanjp and Luckydog. Looks to be a customized Linh head (Dragon issue) on a bbi Cy Girl or Cool Girl body. Incredible!!! Sold for over $300 USD on Yahoo! Japan.

COMICS' SGT. ROCK. This is a custom 12" figure 
that kicks WWII butt! 123

Sgt. Rock was the quintessential WWII American GI comic book hero. This DC character first appeared in Our Army At War #81 in April 1959. As time passed, the sergeant's name began to appear on the cover, and grew larger and larger until by #302 (March 1977) it was re-titled Sgt. Rock. The last issue was printed in the summer of 1988, making Sgt. Rock the final war comic to see action.

Most of Sgt. Rock's action with Easy Co. was set in the European Theatre, with plot lines clearly inspired by Hollywood war movies of the '40s and '50s. Sgt. Rock was rather similar to the characters John Wayne portrayed in those films. The adventures of Rock and his platoon are summed up thus: "gritty, grim, sentimental, and full of technicolor heroics"!

YOU TALKIN' TO ME?!. Travis Bickle 12" figure! 123
This is the figure of psychological madness within an obsessed, twisted, inarticulate, lonely, anti-hero cab driver and war vet (Robert De Niro), who misdirectedly lashes out with frustrated anger and power like an exploding time bomb at the world that has alienated him. Custom and beautiful!

NIC CAGE SCULPT. Elvis's former son inlaw! 
Super sculpt of Nicolas Cage. Check it out!

  Pointman's Haunted Tank Series!   Part 18
A new installment in theseries that is most likely the very best 1/6 WWII comic series ever produced. Go here for the rest of the series!