Upstairs Studio >>
Kind of self indulgent, (then again, isn't this entire webpage?) still here is a pieced together shot of my studio, odds and sods and a wall of some custom figures ready to sell! Hey, I even cleaned it up a little! 

My Grandfather >>

This site is dedicated in part to one of my most loved and influencial people.

Lake Life >> - Slide Show
These photos were taken within a block of our summer house on the 
shores of Lake Winnipeg. Oh, Canada can be very beautiful!

We are just 5 kms south of  the summer playground  of Winnipeg Beach, an area steeped in history, and about 20kms south of Gimli. 
Manitoba is a very diverse and beautiful region of the world. Look at some videos >>
My friend, Mirek, has taken some striking agricultural photography in Manitoba.

At one time, I was a part-time cartoonist! (ahem...chicken scratcher...)

Miss Myopia >>
A cartoon slide show of a single 'Far sighted' Mom. 

A little edgy humour (you judge) here!

The Think Tank >>
...another slide show of what goes through people's minds on a daily basis.

Life with Buck >>
...another slide show of country humor for your viewing entertainment

 My 4-wheeled Babies!
These are two pix of my favorite 1:1 scale babies! My old 1979 Pininfarina Fiat Spider >>here and my 1990 Trofeo Toronado. >>here

A series of Yahoo! slide show photo series featuring custom 12" figures I have 

made based on Hollywood heroes.

Steve McQueen Page >>

Always thought Steve McQueen was cool. I have a son named, Steve...let's put it that way! McQueen's allure resides in his steely, blue-eyed gaze. Men see the guarded machismo they long to emulate; women see a man struggling to withstand life's contradictions, and fall in love. Film historian David Shipman once said that "Steve McQueen can act with the back of his head. He can act without doing anything." Figures, photos, biography, my personal collection and more...


I'm proud to say we have never had an unhappy collector!  Quite the opposite.

Out the dozens of letters sent to us upon a figures arrival, here is what a few wonderful people have to say about Red Ranch Customs...
We are located in the area of Winnipeg, Manitoba in the country of Canada. In summer, we're on Lake Winnipeg. 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I received the John Wayne head last week and I was just blown away!  You did a great job capturing his eyes and facial features.  I've already started painting him and I think I'm going to outfit him as an 82nd Airborne trooper as he was in The Longest Day.

Thanks again for the opportunity to purchase this great addition to my collection.


I got your Indy yesterday.........and I was speechless.........which is quiet unusual for me. This one is a really really great ONE. I think it´s perfect, and you did a very fine job.

Thanks again for your kind help. I will tell you what my brother said, when he gets it as a birthday present thanks again and please keep in updated if you make any other figures

take care

Just letting you know I received the James Bond doll today.  It is truly awesome!  I have a large collection of high quality dolls and this one is certainly one of the very best!  This is absolutely the best likeness head sculpt I've seen on any doll.  The clothing and accessories are excellent as well.  Thank you so much! 

Take care,

I get McQueen today! It's very beautiful!

Thank you. See you next time.


Is amazing, today the Indiana Jones has come. I have seen that has been sent by air mail on September 27. I don't know that to happened. But it matter for me is that already has come.

Is very good item. I am very happy. 
You are a great person. Thank you for your rapid


Thank you very much, Gracias.

Bond arrived today. He is awesome, he is a great addition to my collection 

which has taken over my house much to the anger of my wife but what the hell 

you only live once........ or is that twice

Thanks Bill